Many returning citizens who exit the correctional system are faced with a myriad of challenges, which include a lack of education and employment skills, antisocial attitudes and values, mental health and substance abuse issues, medical problems, lack of housing, and family concerns. Community Action of Anne Arundel County has a history of helping to address these issues, and assisting citizens in becoming productive members of society.

The Community Action Agency utilizes a recognized certification and career pathway program, focusing on in-demand occupation sectors for men and women who have been involved in the adult justice system. Agency staff also develops an individual case plan for each participant, based on an assessment of criminogenic risks and needs, and workforce readiness. The program aims to guide participants into sustained employment while also promoting community safety through a reduction of recidivism.

The Program serves adults exiting the correctional system who reside in various communities within Anne Arundel County.

Carlos Wallace

Program Coordinator