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Health and Wellness Initiative

Community Action’s Health and Wellness Initiative addresses health disparities that impact impoverished communities in Anne Arundel County through prevention and awareness activities.

The Agency increases health and wellness touch points, promotes healthy lifestyles, supports and assists customers in accessing health and wellness resources, and builds and strengthens public policy action on health access issues.


Each month, the Health and Wellness Initiative showcases wellness themes to build awareness of specific diseases and preventative measures people can take to safeguard their health. The Agency also provides workshops and activities to address wellness related topics such as: COVID-19 prevention practices, stress reduction, heart disease management, weight loss and obesity, cancer education, smoking cessation, exercise, substance abuse, mental health, and nutrition education, among others.

Health Ambassadors was launched in June 2021 as a partnership with the Anne Arundel County Health Department.  The program is focused on educating residents in southern Anne Arundel County about the COVID-19 vaccine, helping people register to become vaccinated, and to arrange door-to-door transportation to vaccination clinics on an as-needed basis.  Members of the Health Ambassadors team are visiting local food banks and community events, as well as going door-to-door to reach members of the community.

Agency staff are also on hand to help each customer navigate the application process to obtain the health insurance policy that is in alignment with their needs and household budget.  This service ensures our customers are able to access the medical care they need.

Kaili Brown

Program Coordinator 


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